Squamish Trail Running

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Squamish Trail RunningSquamish Trail Running

 Some of the hidden Squamish Trail Running can be found by simply exploring. Read about one of our favorite trail running trails in Squamish. If you’re looking for a quick trail running outing in Squamish with some elevation, some speed and very few mountain bikers we find it’s great to head in to the Crumpet Woods’ Trails in Valleycliffe.  We like to start at the Smoke Bluffs or the Adventure Centre so that we can warm up with the first quick climb of the day. Squamish has some amazing trail running trails that are both hidden and a treat to explore.
We head up from the Smoke Bluffs and up to the top of Hospital Hill.  We then duck out on to the road for an easy climb towards the Endo trail head.  From here we enter the trails.  We follow Endo all the way to Graduate.  As we get on to graduate we quickly take a right turn and head over towards S+M Connector.  We love running up the valley on S+M as the lush ferns make us feel like we’re in a jungle.  From S+M we head towards the Meet Your Maker climb.  Not only do we love this climb on our mountain bike but we love running it too.  It’s a lung buster when we push it, indeed!  As we push to the top of Meet your Maker we then get to enjoy this awesome descent.  There’s very few roots or rocks so it makes for a great descent.  At the bottom of Meet your Maker we turn left and head back on graduate and turn right to exit and get back on to Endo.
We follow Endo back the way we came at the start and head back out on the road and back to our car.  We like starting and ending with a little bit of pavement running as it lets us stretch out our legs without worrying about roots or rocks.  It’s a nice way to finish the day with a speedy descent back to the Smoke Bluffs.

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