Give-BackThe Give Back Program is Run Squamish’s way of providing the Sea-to-Sky community with opportunities for creating a positive impact for all its individuals. Through grants and scholarships, the Program can better support a variety of programs and/or services that are of direct benefit to the broader community. Whether it is an athlete looking for assistance for their next adventure and goal or a key community establishment looking to expand it, the Program is willing to lend a hand. Individuals and businesses will be able to apply for funding from the Program through an online application.

Partnerships and financial support to the Give Back come directly from Run Squamish’s partners and from event proceeds.

Who Is Eligible

  • Youth Groups/Clubs/Teams/Charities
  • Residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor (Whistler to Lions Bay)
  • Have been residing in the Sea to Sky Corridor for 3+ consecutive years
  • Have participated in a Run Squamish event either as a racer, volunteer, coordinator or partner
  • Able to demonstrate financial need for a desired initiative that will better the community in some capacity

How to Apply

1. Fill out the application form. Link to form here

2. Write us:

  • What is the main objective of your project?
  • Who will directly benefit from your project?
  • Which organizations or groups will be involved in the realization of your project and in what manner?
  • What visibility can you provide Run Squamish as funder of your project?
  • What else do we need to know about your project?

3. Provide one letter of recommendation (family friend, teacher, family member, employer, etc.)

4. Give us a budget


Application deadlines is January 31st, 2016

Bursaries will range from $100 to $2500 pending.  Up to a maximum of 5 bursaries will be awarded each year and will be announced February 15th, 2016.  A total of 50% of the amount allocated to each recipient will be given initially. The remainder 50% of funds will be distributed post project/initiative completion as per application information.

Completed Applications

Please mail completed applications to:

RUN SQUAMISH Running Society
ATTN:  Give Back Bursary
1195 Village Green Way
Squamish, BC